Come and taste the spirit of the raw beauty that Morocco has to offer, meet with the locals, make new friends and create memories that you will never forget.

Go Morocco Tours is Moroccan owned company based in Marrakech City, working with the experts of tourism within the country, our extremely experienced Berber tour guides are available to make your Moroccan dreams a reality. We provide private vacations and group tours for travelers that have all types of budgets, from a shoestring to a five star experience; we aim to meet all your needs and desires. Every tour is unique, and designed to give you the most awakening adventure of a lifetime. We dedicate our hospitality to all those wishing to join us, as we take you on a journey of the vast landscapes that Morocco has to offer.

Journey to Morocco to experience the blended cultures of Arabic, Berber, French and Spanish influences, view the breathtaking scenery, vibrant markets, delicious food and stunning riads. Our tours are ideal for people who want a cultural experience and enjoy observing life in both the urban and the rural areas along with meeting friendly locals who reside there. When you travel with Go Morocco Tours you will have the opportunity to explore different cities, bargain at souks (markets), and tour the highlights and history of each area. Our unique tours are trips of a lifetime. Join us and see why!